Q: What size lamp do I need for my laptop?
A: CCFL lamps are screen size specific, not make/model specific; in most cases:
12.1 inch standard screens will require a
20250 lamp
12.1 inch widescreens will need a
20265 lamp
13.3 inch vertically mounted lamps need a
20205 lamp
13.3 inch horizontally mounted need a
20275 lamp
14.1 inch standard screens need a
20290 lamp (if IBM) or 20292 lamp (other than IBM)
14.1 inch widescreens need a
20310 lamp
15.1 inch standard screens need a
20305 lamp
15.4 inch widescreens need a
20334 lamp
16.1 inch displays typically require a
20334 lamp
17.0 inch
displays require lamp extraction, end cap removal and lamp measurements from glass end to glass end (length will be between 365 and 375 mm).

Q: A rule of thumb when choosing lamp size:
A: You may use a lamp up to 6mm shorter in length than the original lamp in your unit. You may also use a thinner diameter lamp as well if necessary. As long as you stay within these guidelines, you will never have an issue with brightness or visibility due to the lamp.

Q: How many lamps does my unit need?
A: Laptops generally require 1 lamp. Sony laptops usually require two lamps once you get to a 16” display or larger. 15” monitors typically need two lamps, and all larger display sizes will take 4 lamps until they reach about 22”, after 22” they may require 6 lamps.

Q: What shipping options do you have for international shipments?:
A: Please refer to: Shipping

Q: Which do I need, an inverter or backlight?
A: If you are going to do the repair yourself, changing out the backlight fixes about 90-95% of a dim/black LCD. The inverter can fail on occasion. Check your local repair facility for inverter repair.

Q: I want to get my monitor/laptop repaired, but I don’t know how to do the repair, what should I do?
A: If you have a laptop refer to: Complete Laptop Display Repair Service If you have a monitor refer to: Complete Monitor Repair Service.

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