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Put our professional technicians to the task of wiring your new CCFL lamp. If do-it-yourself soldering is keeping you from repairing your laptop, then we suggest leaving it to the pros at

This listing is fOR MONITORS with two or more lamp assemblies!


Step 1. Contact Joseph Han via email or phone in for faster service (M-F 10am to 4pm Pacific ST) consultation is free.

Step 2. Carefully remove backlight assembly from your LCD panel ( see tutorial )

Step 3. Keep your opened LCD in a safe, dust free environment (remember : whole process will take up to 4-7 business days)

Step 4. Mail in assembly or email a picture ( a quality digital picture is strongly advised )

Step 5. Your order has been placed and your replacement lamp is safely packed and shipped out to you for reassembly


Step 6. Call for assistance...


Our CCFL assemblies are pre-harnessed lamps prepared for drop in placement.

We offer the fluorescent lamps pre-assembled with the proper wire length, connector and accessories to meet your specific needs.

Parts include: New 50K hour CCFL lamp, end caps, 2 or 3 pin JST wire harness and full Soldering Service.

We carry all of the most common components for LCD displays including:

• 2, 3, and 4 pin JST connectors and terminals.
• Highest quality, high voltage wire in all diameters.
• Large variety of silicone end caps.
• High Voltage Kapton Tapes and shrink tube.

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